Early Treatment

Pompe Early Treatment

Pompe is a progressive disease but has a treatment that can slow or stop the progression. Early treatment is key in Pompe, as this means that the disease can be slowed or stopped before any significant damage has been done. Therefore patients treated early can continue to lead active lives engaged in normal activities, sports and the community.

Early diagnosis and treatment are vital to ensure the best outcomes for patients. It is critical for parents who note that their children are not meeting milestones, or who are having difficulties, to continue to press for an early diagnosis.

Campbell’s story is a great example of how early treatment can allow a Pompe patient to continue living a normal active life.


IMPORTANT: This information is intended to provide general information in regard to the matter covered. It is provided as a public service by the Australian Pompe Association. Medicine is constantly changing and human error and changes in practice make it impossible to certify the accuracy of such complex material. Confirmation of this information from your doctor or medical practitioner is required.